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Originally Posted by jsbrook View Post
I wouldn't go that far. There's a big stretch between Lehigh and Penn. But, yes, increasing enrollment is only helpful if population growth allows the university to maintain the exact same caliber of students it has had. Otherwise, it only hurts it. I'm sure they are on top of this. More students = more $$$. Schools are always looking to grow when they can do so in a beneficial and advantageous way.
Would Lehigh engineering and Penn engineering be comparable? I think we would need to drill down to the programs. I also think many time people get into a so called prestigious school to get the moniker to get their foot in the doors and make connections, but for me it is what they do in their careers that says whether they are a sucess or not. In a 5+ years, most employers aren't looking at where you went, but looking at your real world experiences and how impressive they are or not?
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