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Originally Posted by 10023 View Post
You and I would never come into contact in the “wild”. We wouldn’t go to any of the same places (you keep bringing up the example of grocery stores, but only because you won’t go during senior citizen hours).

If I’m going to have asymptomatic Covid but you are at risk of illness, should (a) both of us be confined to our homes with restaurants, bars, gyms and retail closed; or (b) you avoid such places while I go about my life in as normal a manner as possible?

The answer is clearly (b), and anyone who supports (a) is doing so out of either an unjustified degree of concern or spite (this is my father’s attitude - basically, “why should the young get to have fun if I can’t”). Either way, screw them.
If you're asymptomatic (test positive), you should be confined to your house for 10-14 days regardless of pedestrian's risk factor.
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