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There aren’t enough stores to fill this mall, unless they go the luxury route but that’s not likely. Hermes isn’t gonna set up anywhere, especially next to a water park, and especially when it can set up in a number of well-heeled areas in Miami.

A lot of the branded stores that usually anchor malls are teetering on bankruptcy or have already done so. Neiman Marcus, J.Crew, JC Penney, Forever 21, probably A&F soon. Macy’s was close. Who knows what’s going on with Barnes and Noble. Maybe a Wetzels Pretzels and Mrs. Fields is worth having? Those two stores will survive in a nuclear Holocaust.

I suspect malls in urban California do well because of the Asian population, in addition to the luxury market. There’s always a new Taiwanese boba place or a ramen franchise or a cloud pancake trend which will attract lines out the door. They can draw retailers internationally, even if our own are being killed off by Amazon.
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