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Originally Posted by doglover99 View Post
Malls are the bane of society and have ruined America. Florida should have focused on remaking downtown Miami into a tropical paradise city with character- it has some nice old buildings but its run down and unappealing to most people because the retail looks like shit and the streets look developing world in some areas downtown.
When were you last in Miami? Brickell City Centre is actually one of the few inspiring shopping malls in this country. Miami Avenue is where the retail and street life resides now, not the historical downtown...although that will change soon. Unfortunately, the historical core is owned by one man whose been hoarding his real estate portfolio.


Design District:

Miami World Center should be changing the retail game in the traditional downtown area. It will be around this area:

Also, I think calling Miami's historic district "3rd world" is a little dramatic as it looks nothing of the sorts.
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