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Originally Posted by Hayward View Post
Hey all. Since I'm graduated and no longer a student at U of M, my public server space is being reduced, and I have a monumental amount of data I need to keep online. Everything else, such as all my photo threads and update images, I'm going to delete. That means everything I've posted in this thread, will no longer be available.

Due to lack of attention, and since I'm moving away from Ann Arbor in a couple weeks, I'm going to no longer update this thread with articles or photos. The final update will be tomorrow, which will be North Quad, Michigan Stadium, Mott Children's, 411, Zaragon, Business School, and Hill Dining/MoJo.

If there are any other requests let me know. I'll keep the photos up for about 10 days, then I'll delete them.
University of Michigan is actually my top choice school, today I wanted to see pictures of Ann Arbor and remembered you (Hayward) had tons of pictures. Really glad I came on today to check, since it seems like anytime now they will be deleted. Would have been shock to come and there were no pictures.
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