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Thanks for finding that twomutts.

These nearby residents have very little reason to debate the issue. It's on one of Ann Arbor's busiest streets, and quite frankly, there are many homes on that stretch in disrepair. I hope the planning comission ignores them and gets on with real business. I saw some of these protest signs, and many were in yards blocks away from this developemnt completely out of the viewshed.

I really want to avoid saying something not so nice, but to be honest it was only a few years ago that this was the unpleasant side of town. I would hear never ending comments form people how seedy the entrance to such a nice downtown was coming off 14. Today, some building owners have done a superb job making improvements, and 211 Depot was a great addition. The houses they speak of demolishing are the worst looking in the area. I should grab a few photos. I don't see how neighborhoods could value their continued existence. Thinking " I want loud student renters, or a new development full of families and quiet renters that may raise property values."

I feel like these people are fighing a war they've already lost whether or not this gets built. Do they even look out their windows at Main Street at 4:45 pm?
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