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Originally Posted by xzmattzx View Post
Nice pictures! I was not aware that Tucson had nice little neighborhoods in the core like Barrio Viejo. I knew of some midcentury modernism along some main roads, and figured there was some type of historic core, but

Barrio Viejo looks similar to Old Town Albuquerque to me.

You ate at three Gastronomy places and didn't mention what they were?!?
Tucson kept its southwest vibe, Phoenix went the southern California route.

But Tucson was also much older (in a modern sense, there have been farming communities in the Phoenix area for thousands of years) with it being developed via Spanish colonials and then being the winter/southern route to California during westward expansion.

Phoenix was never more than a collection of agricultural villages/towns until roughly 1940 when suburbia and air conditioning combined to create it.
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