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Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post
I knew about i-19; I saw it on the map, and saw the signs for it. But we took Mission Road down to the mission instead. We thought it would be a more interesting drive, and it only takes 5 minutes longer than taking I-19, per Google Maps.
As it happens, I almost always use Mission Road rather than the freeway between my house and Tucson but I wanted to make sure everybody knew Tucson is all grown up and has TWO freeways. I have to go to the eastern part of Tucson tomorrow and I think I'll take Old Nogales Highway rather than I-19 for that trip. Going to Mexico or even Tubac is a different story though--it's far enough the higher speeds on the freeway matter.

Did you note that on Mission Road you passed thru a bit of the Tohono O'Odham Reservation? Kind of sad the poverty it looks like the NAs endure but they do have a couple of large casinos in and around Tucson which must rake in the cash when not suppressed by COVID (and the one near me--Desert Diamond--has decent food too).
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