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Thanks for the comments, guys!

Originally Posted by Pedestrian View Post
Nice to see Tucson getting some love and you definitely caught the best of it. I guess you can thank the current governor for being able to enjoy the gourmet scene because he has refused to lock everything down.
Yes... since the pandemic began, my partner and I hadn't left California until this particular road trip, and we were a little weirded out (and hesitant) to eat indoors at a restaurant; we only did that once, and ate al fresco the rest of the time. We also both wore double-masks when out and about because we weren't sure of the mask situation; we are aware that Arizona tends to be right of center and face masks had become politicized by lots of conservative people and we wanted to be safe. Neither of us have tested positive for COVID and we want to keep it that way.

And, we initially wanted to do a road trip through southern New Mexico (we've already explored the northern part, years ago) but I didn't think to look up their travel restrictions until about 2 weeks ago---and as of last week, NM has a mandatory 14-day quarantine for people entering from outside the state. I don't know how they would enforce it, but we decided to respect that. Many restaurants there as of 2 weeks ago were also doing takeout/delivery only, so we canceled our trip/hotel rooms (and was very disappointed---we really love New Mexico). So I looked up online to see if Arizona had any travel restrictions, and sure enough, it didn't, which is why we decided to road trip it to AZ instead. But like I said, I've been wanting to visit Tucson anyway. We had lots of fun on this trip.

Originally Posted by Pedestrian View Post seems since you visited San Javier you discovered I-19.
I knew about i-19; I saw it on the map, and saw the signs for it. But we took Mission Road down to the mission instead. We thought it would be a more interesting drive, and it only takes 5 minutes longer than taking I-19, per Google Maps.
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