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Old Posted Feb 15, 2021, 10:34 PM
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sopas ej caught the best of Tucson in the excellent photo collection. But I've always felt like Tucson was sort of a missed opportunity. It has a lot going for it--in many ways a more walkable downtown than Phoenix, for many years the more prestigious university (although my impression is that ASU is more or less equal now), only one major highway/freeway in town, generally better weather than Phoenix, and more history, a strong draw with its bike culture, unlike Phoenix on an active Amtrak route, etc. I wish the city leaders had had the foresight to lean into the "Old Pueblo" thing, and try to make Tucson at least visually be sort of a Sonoran/adobe version of what Santa Barbara did with the mission look. More like Santa Fe maybe. Instead, like sopas mentioned, you got huge swaths of Barrio Viejo demoed for a convention center, and most of the city (on the other side of the tracks from downtown) kind of looks like a worse Phoenix.
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