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Originally Posted by Doady View Post
LOL, yeah, wow, Toronto is just terrible compared to Seattle and Montreal. I never even noticed the variety and differences in terms of parking arrangements shown in these pictures, it is definitely something we need to consider more.

Btw, I like the houses in your latest post the most, from a pure aesthetic standpoint, especially that third house. These houses are bit more traditional or old-fashioned or something. Maybe I'm not as big a fan more modern style in the earlier pics.
Yeah, that's the architectural style that was most popular in the late 00s to mid 10s before the modern style really took off. They feel like a mix of Pacific NW and New England styles, although they are often partially clad in limestone/dolostone which I think is mostly a Toronto thing (since we have a lot of quarries around the Niagara Escarpment). Even though modern style homes are a bit more popular, this "coastal influenced" style is still quite popular in new homes. I think it's mostly just in Southern parts of Oakville, Burlington, and maybe Mississauga though. I haven't seen them much in Toronto or York Region.
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