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Originally Posted by memph View Post
I think that having larger lots to work with does give more flexibility in designs/lay-outs. When all you had to work with is a 30-45 ft wide lot like with a lot of North Toronto/Willowdale, you're more likely to just build the house to the minimum setback lines and max height and end up with a bunch of boxes that try to look like they're not boxes. Having the zoning allow different ways to achieve the maximum square footage on a standard lot size could lead to more varied designs. Toronto would probably also benefit from combining lots to allow side-loaded parking so that the street frontage isn't as garage dominated.
Side-loaded parking in Montreal:!8i8192
Or you could have stuff like in Seattle:!8i8192
Vs Fully front-loaded parking in Toronto:!8i8192
LOL, yeah, wow, Toronto is just terrible compared to Seattle and Montreal. I never even noticed the variety and differences in terms of parking arrangements shown in these pictures, it is definitely something we need to consider more.

Btw, I like the houses in your latest post the most, from a pure aesthetic standpoint, especially that third house. These houses are bit more traditional or old-fashioned or something. Maybe I'm not as big a fan more modern style in the earlier pics.
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