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Originally Posted by WhipperSnapper View Post
I like Stern but, I wouldn't trade F+P for him. F+P's brand is just the perfect fit for Toronto. We have a nice Stern designed tower and a decent midrise. Wouldn't want to tempt faith with another especially with Mizrahi calling the shots.
Personally, I agree that F+P is the best suited architect for this particular corner. However, I also think that Yorkville in general is overdue for some more quality traditional style developments. A Stern would be a perfect replacement for the stubby scotiabank building to the west of this site.
While Foster is great for anchoring large tourist, shopper, and commuter flooded intersections, Stern is great for "background buildings"

Imho, Mizrahi calling the shots isnt the problem so much as is P+S getting their grubby hands on things. Lets at least hope the "billion dollar" budget isnt as conceptual like the initial diagrid render was
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