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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
^ That's a dumb argument. The DuSable Museum was an existing building dating back to the park's original construction, the perfect size to host a modest community museum.

In contrast, both of the U of C proposals are rapaciously gobbling up scarce parkland for a gigantic inflated facility, in a neighborhood with plenty of open land already under U of C's control. You know that half of that Washington Park plot will become parking lots.
I'm not using DuSable as a chip in the building in the park debate.

I think the city was somewhat blindsided by the information that the land needed to be entirely under city control now to secure the library so they are into desperate measures. Otherwise they would have been buying up/EDing all the requisite land.

This thing is coming though and if park land is inevitably going to be sacrificed then this is the lesser evil. Keep it out of Jackson.
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