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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
Cuomo's announcement has nothing to do with Penn South. Totally different project.
They literally occupy the same space and Amtrak is listed as a stakeholder. This is the upper level of Penn South.

As opposed to what, exactly? Vastly more expensive through terminals?
Penn already is mostly built like one. Just fill in some of the tracks for more platform space and address the power problem, probably though dual electric mode equipment.

Has nothing to do with the new Hudson tunnel plan (that's Penn South) and I have no idea why you think it's "less than worthless" to extend current Penn capacity. Have you been to Penn lately? You don't think it needs to be expanded?
How are more trains going to reach an expanded terminal through tunnels that already function at capacity during peak? There are two big issues at Penn today 1) extremely inefficient use as a terminal 2) horrible vertical circulation imposed by narrow platforms, MSG, and the office bloc above. You don't need to build Penn South if you fix these instead.

Seriously? A separate NJT to GCT, below the new LIRR terminal, would be insanely expensive. Like over 100 billion, probably. You would be digging tunnels a tenth of a mile below bedrock. It would have to be at least 400 ft underground. And it would do nothing to add capacity where it's needed (on the West Side).
No, connect Penn to the tail tracks of the East Side Access and through run NJT trains into LIRR territory and LIRR trains into NJT territory. Do not terminal in Manhattan.

Clearly some people just like to argue. When Moynihan was expanded, people whined "you can't expand, there are no new tracks". Now that they're adding tracks, people are whining "you can't add new tracks, there's no tunnel". When the tunnel is added it will be back to "you can't add a new tunnel, we have to expand". NIMBY nonsense.
You need both components to make it work even at the exorbitant costs that it will undoubtedly run.
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