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Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
The new tunnel component is gonna have to happen anyway, but it makes no sense to increase tunnel capacity without anywhere for the trains to go. The two plans go hand in hand, which is why the southern expansion has been on the board for years.
Through run the commuter services and drastically cut Amtrak dwell times. Europe handles huge passenger volumes out of a few tracks and 3-4 big platforms. We can do the same. Using Penn as a terminal for anything more than a small handful of relatively infrequent Amtrak services has long been certifiably nuts.

But I don’t understand. You do nothing, people complain. Announce plans to address the issue, they still complain. You aren’t gonna please all critics, which is why I hope Cuomo moves ahead with this plan like Moses.
The plan is objectively terrible and I thought he same thing when Amtrak announced it years ago. Now minus another Hudson tube it's even worse than super expensive and wrong headed, it's totally irresponsible.
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