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Destroying even the portion of the Viaduct would mean losing a significant portion of the possible park space...While I agree that some bit of the Viaduct has to be dismantled near Vine St., I would prefer it just be the bit between Vine and Wood, for a grand (plaza) entrance into a linear park.

I also notice that Vine-to-Green = ~90% of the Viaduct (Green's north of Spring Garden)...given my desire to retain the Viaduct, it is an entirely untenable proposition. The bit north of Green is less important, unless one wants to make a greenway that goes all the way to Temple, since it's only a few blocks, but the bit that be turned into a park park lies entirely south of it. So the 'compromise' sounds like a 'compromise' but is in fact an all-out victory for those too blind to see the Viaduct's promise.
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