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Interesting. I like the conceptual design at least.

Emporis lists the Griest Tower at 192' which would make this proposal the second tallest. That might be roof height only, so 210' might include any rooftop equipment / antennae? Either way, this would be a skyline impact for sure.

I'm not crazy about the pedestrian bridge over N Queen St. either, although I guess I understand its purpose to connect to the existing parking.

I'm wondering, is that proposed vehicle entrance on E Chestnut meant for loading / unloading / drop-offs only, or is there also going to be some below-grade parking? It is very close to the intersection of N Queen & E Chestnut...

Posting the renderings from the above article here, for others to see. Following!

South Elevation -

East Elevation -

Pedestrian bridge across Queen - rendering -

Source: Architectural Concepts PC
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