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Originally Posted by thegoatman View Post
One of the quickest ways to attract investment to a neighborhood is by making it more walkable and transit friendly. The red line extension should be coming, but they arent gonna start on that until 2025 which is a joke. It's been months since Biden passed his trillion dollar infrasturcture bill, they should at the minimum have some workers down at the sites right now.
The best answer to this is that Federal money is like a food court... CTA has had Red Line Extension waiting in the (very long/slow) New Starts line for many years, and now is getting close to the head of the line. They probably believe it's better to keep waiting in line rather than rush over to a different funding program where they might end up in the back of the line again.

That doesn't mean they aren't submitting other projects for the new pots of money, though! A few years ago, Dick Durbin created Core Capacity as a new pot of money... RPM on the North Side was the first project to be funded. Likewise in the Biden infra bill, Tammy Duckworth created ASAP for accessibility upgrades... I'm sure CTA will get a big chunk of that.
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