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Originally Posted by Randomguy34 View Post
A $418 million price tag to implement new flyovers, through-running, and purchase freight tracks is surprisingly cheap. If trains from the East Coast are using the South Shore Line tracks, it might justify reopening South Bend's Union Station as well.
This is wildly overstating what the grant will fund.

-1 new single-track ramp from the St Charles Air Line into Union Station
-refurbishment of 4 Union Station mail platforms for Amtrak
-rebuild of 16th St Junction
-new Amtrak platform at Joliet on the Rock Island tracks
-purchase of UP's Canal St Yard in Chinatown
-a few miles of double-track along the Wolverine in Michigan

That's it. No through-running, no purchase of freight tracks from CN. Those will require hundred of millions more. Even the Amtrak connection to the South Shore in Indiana is not funded yet. As for South Bend, that's a whole separate thing.
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