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I think Kamin's problem is likely his required volume of content. He has certainly created some well crafted pieces and provided a valuable critical contribution. But maybe he just needs to create too much filler which winds up like hot takes.

He's like one of those talking heads on ESPN. Could be good for valuable insight if given weeks, months to think and consider it. But having to go on TV every night leads to drivel.

On parking podiums, I think we all have to accept basement parking is impractical for now. I wonder if a more practical incentive might be to encourage wrapped parking like 465 N park. Obviously not every site is big enough to be practical, but you could provide a simple zoning incentive like excluding any wrap from the FAR. Obviously that could be abused in theory (I dont think the obvious abuse would, 40 stories of parking wrapped in units).

Actually you could do quite a few games. Include 1st floor parking in FAR (or Double the value), exclude any useable space on say 2 through 5 that wraps parking. Or even the simplest would be to include above ground parking in FAR which would make developers think harder about how much parking they need and what the cost of going underground is.