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Height change in the thread title mods?

Another source to confirm the height: A lot more information in the pdf relating to the project info, construction details, review/approval status, ect..



Rainier Square - Approve Ground Leases and Development Agreement and
Delegate Execution of Documents (continued p. 2)

Avenue to the west, and 5th Avenue to the east. The Rainier Square Development
site totals 66,040 square feet of land and includes everything north and west of
Rainier Tower, and specifically does not include Rainier Tower. The subject site
will be leased as an air-rights condominium unit that sits within the
Redevelopment Parcel. (Attachment 1)


The proposed project is a mixed-use development totaling approximately
1,150,000 square feet situated in a 50-story (795’) tower (Tower) and a separate
but connected 15-story hotel (Hotel). The elements will include: approximately
750,000 square feet of office; 170,000 square feet (182 units) of high rise
residential apartments; 30,000 square feet of street level retail; a 200,000 square
foot (198 room) luxury hotel; and a 1,200 car parking garage.
(Attachment 2)

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