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^ that really bothers me because the clogged streets & fwys of LA don't cut it....yet I read that more & more ppl, instead of using transit, now drive their own cars...or depend on uber.

I see a hint of that when I try to find parking in low income areas around would not believe how many cars are parked bumper to bumper there....finding an open space is a big adventure....& headache. Things like buying a car, gas & insurance, etc, also cost money. But even ppl on fixed incomes are getting around that. That must be a big reason that usage of certainly buses has gone way down in LA....certain transit lines too.

Now ppl with higher incomes are less likely to use transit for the reason you list....& they were already that way even before covid hit & crime stated rising. I think the red line extending further west on wilshire will be increasingly a popular way to travel west to east in LA. but a lot of ppl don't work or live around that subway corridor.
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