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I was expecting to get a fill in from arbor update, but there was nothing.

The only reason really I had a hint of dissapointment was when I was standing on the corner of William and East U the other day look north east. You have this incredible panorama of density. Most of the buildings around you are 4-5 stories. Then you have the 10 story Zaragon Pl, U Towers looming behind, and what would've been one of Ann Arbor's tallest in the background of it all. Really, it would have been an impressive urban scene for a town of only 115,000 residents, and this busy area isn't even close to downtown.

I'm actually kind of hoping that dumpy bungalow house, now entirely out of context, will get demoed for a nice corner commercial building. Imagine something like the 5 story Amsterdammer Apts on South U rising there.....actually the red brick building behind it is owned by the same rental company, and constructed by the same architect, so I wouldn't be all that surprised.
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