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Sally Rand died in 1979 at the age of 75, several years before THE RIGHT STUFF went into production. In the film she is played by Peggy Davis.
Dang. I thought that was Ms. Rand in the film. Sally Rand was there in 1962 or 63 when they welcomed the astronauts to Houston and she did her fan dance in the Houston Coliseum arena downtown. Tom Wolfe wrote about it. Having a fan dancer welcome the astronauts sounds bizarre, but it all worked out and everybody ate massive piles of BBQ beef on paper plates and drank tons of bourbon and had a Texas good time. Did Sally Rand have any success as an actress in Hollywood? I guess not, since she moved on to fan dancing.

I wonder if Sally had a fling with Babe Ruth? That pic above looks like she might have. Maybe some of the others too. Babe loved food, drink and the ladies. He loved life and never pretended to be a saint. His candle burned brightly but went out early. When the Babe was in L.A.he often golfed at the Griffith Park courses. Ruth was a very good golfer. Like his home runs, his drives off the tee went farther than others could hit them, and we're usually accurate. He also loved bowling, hunting and fishing. Babe couldn't remember the names of everyone he knew, so he called many people "kid" (pronounced "keed"), even some of his teammates. A fun loving human dynamo. Most everybody liked the Babe, except opposing pitchers. Babe was also kind to children, since he was basically a big "keed" himself. And probably the greatest all around baseball player ever. Started as a good pitcher who might have had a hall of fame pitching career, but he hit so we'll they put him in the outfield so he could hit every day and he broke all the slugging records. When he hit an amazing 29 home runs with the Red Sox in 1919, nobody could believe it (previous record was half that). The next year with the Yankees he hit 54, more than the rest of the team combined. Amazing.

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