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Not to be forgotten is native Angeleno Faith Bacon, granddaughter of retired industrialist Frank Page Bacon of 2615 Ellendale Place.

She starred as a fan dancer featured at Chicago's Century of Progress International Exposition of 1933-34; Faith had a running battle with the better-known Sally Rand as to who was the originator of the art, and even sued Sally for ripping off her shtick.

Her Wikipedia entry: "In 1945, she and Sanford Hunt Dickinson—a Buffalo businessman and songwriter—applied for a marriage license. As Bacon was rumored to be gay, she may have sought a marriage of convenience. It is unknown whether they ever actually married; they never lived together, but also never divorced. According to Tullah Innes, a burlesque dancer who crossed paths with Faith frequently, Faith was a lesbian out of necessity as her mother kept her from men. Later in her life, as her work dried up, there were reports of heavy alcohol and drug use."

She jumped out of a Chicago hotel window in 1956.
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