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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
There was this strange disheveled woman pushing her cart around.
I was so intrigued, I looked into her cart.
All she had in her cart were OREOS and CONDOMS.

That's when I decided....I wasn't in Illinois any more.
Hey now, I take issue with that. Some years ago, overnight at the Meijer's (24-hour hypermarket) in Champaign, IL, I saw a woman checking out with nothing but (a) box of latex gloves, (b) 20 packets of dried brown gravy mix, and (c) KY Jelly.

By the way, loving these pics. How much of this phenomenal stock of Art Moderne / Streamline Moderne is left in LA? I've never had the good fortune to explore every nook and cranny of LA's older neighborhoods.
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