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Originally Posted by SFView
Here is a somewhat educated unofficial wild guess based on past information from various sources, but remember that the next official update may be different.

1. 1250' 100 story mixed use tower (1350' - 1375' with crown/mechanical) Transbay Terminal Tower by competition winner - greater than 1000' tall officially
2. 1000' foot 80 story mixed use tower (1075' - 1100' with crown/mechanical) by Renzo Piano - greater than 850', but at least 150' shorter than the tallest tower officially.
3. 850' foot 70 story mixed use tower (925' with crown/mechanical) possibly by competition winner - same height as #2 officially.

Please do not take this too seriously. This is only my best guess based on information from last May - June of 2006.
Yes, I know your info is a educated guess, but SF having TWO buildings above 1000'!? That would be amazing. Having...THREE would be...WOW!!!!! And just having a 100 story building.

I will only stand behind it if I can have lunch next to a window over 1000' in the air
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