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Well, this is the most rescent 'update' that I've heard ...

1. Transbay Transit Center Tower (1000 ft - 1250 ft ... although I've heard 1350 ft also)

2. Transbay Tower I (First and Mission, 850+ ft)

3. Transbay Tower II (Howard between Second and Third, 850+ ft)

4. Transbay Tower III (Main and Howard, 550 ft)

5. Transbay Tower IV (First and Folsom, 550 ft)

6 Transbay Tower V (Howard and Main, 450 ft)

7. Transbay Tower VI (Unknown, 400 ft)

8. Transbay Tower VII (Unknown, 300 ft)

9. Transbay Tower VIII (Unknown, 300 ft)

These height are a little old though, and with this meeting coming up, some of these could get taller, especially and hopefully those first three up there

Also, I have to give credit to FourOneFive for having them listed on one of his threads
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