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Its been a while... so I checked the official 45 broad update... and none... none at all. Or at least nothing worth screaming to wake up the neighbors in a manic frenzy as you speak in tongues to the mighty skyscraper gods (Barnett and Stern with their apostles, Shop Architects) and sacrifice your cat as a bloodlust offering.... none of that... but... there's this;

Last update covered; WEEKS OF 11/22 + 11/29 + 12/6

" We will be coordinating foundation work with contractor, subcontractor and design professionals. There will be no active construction work during this period. "

Same jargon used a year ago.

Eh... worth checking every few months. I sent an email to the 45 Broad team a few months ago, and nothing from them. So either they are dead or somewhere in the spam folder, next to the testosterone pill ad.
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