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Originally Posted by homebucket View Post
Seems like this area is still lacking in pedestrian activity and life in comparison to the rest of the city though. You'd think you'd start to see more joggers or people out walking their dogs and whatnot by now. Do they need to build more housing and grocery stores and other daily convenience stores? Or is it still too early to draw any conclusions?
Haha, I have actually jogged around the area with my gf a couple of times but on the weekend. People usually jog around Chase Center towards Oracle Park

For pedestrian activity, I find that Spark Social and the mini golf across the street caters to that during covid times. Then sometimes we bring our dogs on the weekend to Mission Bay Dog Park. (I haven't gone up to SF from SJ in awhile, as you can tell from my lack of photo posts in the past month+)

I do think that the Bayfront Park would help activate the area more.
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