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I had sort of assumed the pics from the last couple weeks would have to tide us over for the next month or so at least, since I figured there would be little activity going on (and hadn't observed any while taking them). so I was surprised to see little signs of progress in various places on a local walkabout yesterday.

did notice this today, tho

this is the CCA housing in Showplace Square

here showing how it relates to its parent building

88 Arkansas St in Potrero Flats

Mason on Mariposa really looks good to me. looking into the mid-block passage from Mariposa

looking through that blue plastic out toward the 18th St side

looking west towards Carolina from the mid-block passage

Carolina St

jumping over to Crane Cove Park, it looked to me that some work had been done there since the last set of pics. the light was tough

the northern-most block of Illinois has finally been fully paved, so another bit of normalcy coming to the area

looking south

another peek at the little plaza on the SE corner of 16th and Third

it is matched by one on the south side of the (Vision Neurosciences) building, which I think longer-term will form a mid-block passage between two buildings, but for now just will transition to the temporary parking lot.

the Psychiatry Center looked about the same as last time

the work along the Creek was starting to look more orderly

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