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these are from Tuesday...

block 6W

how some of the new buildings' shapes and massings occupy the view and feel as one walks around, subtlely...

and more outright

skin pretty much all on the Vision Neurosciences building

so here is Three Corners

nice little corner plaza going in for this one

bayfront park by Chase Center

Crane Cove Park was seeing some first touches of greenery

you can start to see the zigzag of the walkway in the mid-block passage next to 950 Tennessee

three examples of the New Dogpatch, at 19th and Tennessee

2177 Third has its living wall installed, still looking good

north down Third St from 19th

UCSF Psychiatry Center, Third St side

it steps down on the Tennessee side

Tennessee and Mariposa

north down Third from Mariposa

the treatment on the parking garage does do its thing sometimes

block 1 hotel and Mission Rock

hotel (so nice that it blocks block 1 as much as it does)

Mission Rock piles

this view of the creekwork doesn't look too different than previous...

.. but here we go, something to see

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