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a rainier version of the T-Third shot:

Three Corners

more Third St

on Terry Francois it looks like the utility poles got their tops lopped off and the wires lowered (edit: actually, looking at older pics, those lower wires were already there, so seems the upper ones were simply removed), and I think the streetlight poles on the west side of the street were new, but otherwise not much visible difference from a month or two ago

looking across Terry Francois from the Fibrogen building at 409 Illinois

the northern end of Illinois looking toward Chase Center. it still feels strange to me to experience this bit of Illinois as a framed street after so many years open on two sides (and pretty much open all around when I first moved to the area, with just some cement plant equipment on the west side)

the view from between the buildings on Illinois has suddenly changed for them

speaking of street changes, the other one in that area that intrigues me is the opening of 16th to Terry Francois. circulation and activity levels will be drastically changed.

looking east toward the Bay

here as seen from the Fibrogen building

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