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The new construction, he said, should have a positive impact in those areas as housing is converted back to single-family homes.
Interesting, but hard to imagine. I'm sure the city and permanent residents would love to see that, but the fact remains alot of subdivided houses on the edge of campus will remain rental. What I see as "positive" is that rents in older houses will drop to the level they SHOULD be.

But yes, overall, the impact of this development will be positive. It's going to extend modern commercial space down Forest, and create higher densities of students. I'd love to live here if I was still at U of M

If I'm not mistaken, the apartment building being saved is also owned by the developer? Originally they were going to tear it down when this building was "L" shaped I recall. I'd love to see a taller buidling replace that as well that would act as the eastern gateway to South U.
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