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The decade long boom of new and renovated University buildings is probably the largest concentrated effort in University history. I would say it's about to slow down for a bit with alot of the campus being built out now. There will likely be a refresh of renovated buildings on Central campus sometime between 2015-2020. Buildings seem to get rehabbed every 20-25 years.

The Palmer Complex was a huge undertaking as well as practically rebuilding Michigan Stadium, and renovated all the Hill dorms.

New stuff is still being proposed, but it's just modest additions and rehabs. For certain there will be several projects within coming years of new buildings on the Medical campus. A two-building complex across from Couzens and probably additional development along Wall Street.

If anything, the University's efforts for new construction and replacement will happen on North campus. There's plenty of parking to build on and already preliminary planning for new development along the Hayward corridor.
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