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The documents recently released for the Hudson's development gave the Hudson block building a height of 240 feet at its highest point, so I'll use that in the list. The second Crowne Plaza tower seems to be more on hold than cancelled, but for now I'll eliminate it from the list.

Currently being renovated/renovations planned:
1. Book Tower-475ft
2. David Stott Building-437ft - should be opening within the next few months
3. Michigan Central Station-232ft
4. United Artists Building-230ft
5. Free Press Building-190ft
6. Metropolitan Building-183ft - December 2018 opening

Reopened since 2010:
1. David Broderick Tower-369ft
2. Book-Cadillac Hotel-349ft
3. David Whitney Building-272ft
4. Crowne Plaza Riverfront-262ft
5. Fort Shelby Hotel-242ft

New construction approved/underway/recently completed:
1. Hudson tower-912ft
2. One Monroe Avenue-536ft
3. Monroe Blocks b3-341 ft
4. Chemical Bank headquarters-20 floors
5 Hudson block: 240ft
6. Monroe Blocks a2-187ft
7. The Griswold-15 floors
8. Monroe Blocks b1-122ft

Rumored new construction:
1. Grand & Woodward tower- ~30 floors
2. Residential tower near Comerica Park
3. Hotel near LCA
4. Hotel on Hockeytown Cafe site

Still vacant without plans:
1. Executive Plaza-290ft
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