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Originally Posted by CaptainJilliams View Post
I must say, I was pleasantly surprised to hear this news...

Chicago’s Protected Bike Lanes Will Get Concrete Barriers By End Of 2023, City Says

"The city will add concrete barriers to 15 miles of bike lanes by the end of 2022 and make the same upgrades to another 13 miles by the end of 2023, said Erica Schroeder, spokesperson for the Chicago Department of Transportation. Those 28 miles of bike lanes currently have bollard or delineators separating them from the roadway, Schroeder said.

The city also will add another 10 miles of new protected bike lanes this year, totaling 45 miles of lanes throughout the city with either a concrete barrier, bollard or delineator, Schroeder said."
Yeah well the city has a rather long history of overpromising on this front so we'll see.
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