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Originally Posted by texcolo View Post
They were originally going to have it run along the Katy Line, but the rich folk who live in Highland Park objected, thus cutting out the only reasonable way out the north end of downtown Dallas. The subway was a very expensive alternative. There's been rumors about room for a second station to the north of Cityplace, called Knox / Henderson, but that's never been substantiated. It would make a great place for a station since there's a high end retail in that area.
It's more than a rumor, the box for the station is there. (Box is same as Cityplace) And is setup as an emergency exit. (Exit near Willis street at the NB 75) You can actually see the plywood/concrete blocks where they walled it off from the tracks if you look out the windows closely, pay attention to elevation it's actually the lowest point in the tunnel.

Edit to add, you can even easily find one of the vents at the NE corner of Willis and Central. (across from the La Quinta.)

*Long ago when the line first opened you could actually see the roughed in box before it was closed up.
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