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the brown line: i avoid it, really. you are correct that i didn't grasp the project fully. your explanation does reinforce the point that the older sections of the el require extensive and cost prohibitive rebuilding, otherwise there will be patchwork into infinity.

the green line (which was closed for a 2 year rebuilding), could have stayed closed and demolished imo, and would have gone down in history forgotten as the nearby expressway median red and blue lines did quite well in absorbing the passengers during that time (i do not reside along that corridor, though). funds could have been spent on a more modern el into transit poor areas (the 606 park spur, for instance). the green line must be better/faster now though, haven’t heard complaints. during dan ryan south reconstruction, it was very convenient to have another rail line right next door for the re-route.

new mediums of transit need to be adopted (other than BRT); nostalgia does not get you there efficiently.
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