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^Okay thanks for the responses.

So I'll hopefully be able to get some good connections over the summer then go to school at one of the CUNY locations for my business degree in Finance and Management. Hopefully I'll have a part time job that I can save up every penny from. And when I graduate I'll come home, renovate a property (or two) and use that money to help get rid of loans (I don't like debt) in a few years. Then I'll eventually be able to start a couple of infill projects.

Basically I want to do infill projects in the commercial and residential sectors. I really want to bring the artistic value back into architecture so badly because all of this cheap garbage current developers/architects have been spitting lately is just killing me. Maybe if everything runs smoothly, I'll be able to build apartments over 60 ft. by the end of this decade. Most of my projects would be on the South and West sides where they need development the most.

I'm hoping that my marketing strategy will actually work when I get the ball rolling....
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