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Originally Posted by ChiTownCity View Post
Exactly what are some of the ways to become a developer? Would majoring in architecture be a good way to get into this field or would it be best to major in a strictly business field?
Majoring in architecture would only be good if you are interested in being an architect, if you are not extremely interested in that, then you will get burnt out very quickly on it.

Honestly the best thing you could do is look into different business schools and see what they each have to offer, then from there it is all about getting experience and capital to work with.

Often times architects and small developers will purchase something off on a risk and max out credit cards and take out personal loans to try and make something happen. It is always a small project, a 4-8 unit apartment or condo building, a small retail building with flex office space. Things like that, usually in areas that are outside of the more popular areas. Do It Yourself is also another important factor in keeping initial startup costs low, and giving yourself reachable expectations.

Understanding business and business law is going to be what helps when it comes to running a company. But the major key ingredient is always going to be "balls," cause it takes big balls to make that first step that could easily bankrupt you if it fails.

Also it wouldn't hurt to do research on a random number of developers to see how they each got their start, you can learn a lot from things like that.
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