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Ann Arbor Construction updates

Since I'm done with school and have not yet started my job, I'm bored decided to walk around and take some pictures. Below are mostly U of M construction sites, but there's a few others from around town thrown in.

I will photograph the more major projects such as Ashley Terrace, Public Policy, Children's Hospital, and Michigan Stadium later.

Zaragon Place layed the smack down on a beautiful courtyard apartment building. The architecture was unique, unfortunately it wasn't in a historical area. It will be replaced with a generic 10 story ye "let's try to look olde" pricier apartment building.

Another angle

Before demolition

Stair tower on the new business school. I'll let you be the judge. I'm starting to warm up to it although I admit I miss the building it replaced a bit.

I now understand why some call this the lego building.

From Hill and Tappan Streets.

Front entrance near Dominick's

Old B-School (orange building) as viewed from Michigan Stadium

Restoration work on Martha Cook Residence

A photo U of M would probably put in admissions packets.

Natural History Museum. In my five years here at U of M, I have still not seen the dinosaurs.

The new Hill Dining Hall. This area is where the majority of the dorms are, particularly for freshman and sophomores.

I'm pissed they tore down ALL THE TREES.

Prior to the new dining hall. Notice the continuous sidewalk shaded by mature trees. Now it's obstructed and all concrete

The U has decided to consolidate its dining services into one building. At first, it sounded like a good idea, but many students agree that it crushes dorm culture where you'd go down to the cafeteria and spend time eating with friends in your building. The larger structure would make the experience a bit more intimidating and difficult to meet new people when you are among thousands. Who really knows, but I will forever miss Couzens Hall. Best experience of my life.

Some new stuff on top of the powerplant

The now complete Cardiovascular Center

Side of the building

The other side.

New Biomedical Building with it's wave wall and stack of pringles.

Many more updates coming soon!

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