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Originally Posted by Nowhereman1280 View Post
PS: I really need to get around to posting picks of my current project. It's a three flat (frame, not brick unfortunately) that I've been rehabbing and I've already got two of the floors finished and rented out, more than covering my costs, the third floor (which needs a lot more work) will be gravy at this point. I think I'll be holding on to this property because I've got a long term loan at 4.8% and have $1,100 a month in expenses and will be getting about $1,800 in revenue.
That's the way to do it, definitely something I am eventually planning on doing further down the line after I go back for grad school and get some good work experience in architecture (which is what I have finished in undergrad so far.) I don't really have a huge interest in doing any large projects, mostly little infill things like what you have done, especially if it works itself as being something comfortable to live off of.
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