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Okay Intro to Modern Business seems like a load of crap that I don't need right now and business law won't transfer so I dropped both courses. I'm replacing them with Financial and Managerial Accounting and considering Macroeconomic Principles which will all transfer.

Looking at UIC, they want certain business courses (listed above) in order for me to transfer over into their business department, but I'm still undecided on where I would like to attend.

I still really do want to go to NY (part of the reason why I haven't applied for any internships or jobs at any real estate firms yet) but as you said Nowhereman, that wouldn't be a good idea. I'm not sure how I would do as a developer so I would like to have a plan B where I'm still able to work somewhere in the urban field. I currently have a few connections that I haven't been in contact with lately but know that they are willing to help me out as soon as I'm ready so that's part of the reason why I'm still considering NY.

The Student Counselor at my school keeps on recommending me to get my associates degree here then transfer over to where ever I'm headed, but I'm trying to get out of here asap, already took gen. ed. courses, and not sure if there is anything else I would like to do with a business degree in financing and/or management...

I do know that I will major in business and hope that I do good in it. I know that I have some strong connections that will really benefit me here. An architect that owns his own firm (don't know how well they are doing), 2 General Contractors, 2 architectural engineers, and I just recently (yesterday actually) came into contact with this guy that owns his own carpenter's ?firm? or team or something, so I would say my connections should point me in the right direction, but how a lot of them describe developers and the people that loan the money, it doesn't really sound like I would fit the characteristics or be able to be persuasive enough (i'm hoping to learn that behavior through experience). Plus I keep hearing that there is a very small amount of black people in the whole urban field so I don't know how much that will effect me.

I guess basically what I'm asking is:

1.) Should I without a doubt stay in IL for school or would I still be in good
standing If I were to go to NY?

2.) What kind of personality would I need to adopt when trying to get the
proper funding and support for my first building and other projects in the
future? (I'm sure a bunch of 40+ year-olds wouldn't be too quick to work
for someone or lend to a kid half their age)

3.) You said that you bought your 1st property for $150k, correct? Did you
actually purchase it fully, are you paying for it in installments, or did you
buy it with a loan?

4.) Once you get it presentable and ready for it to be put back into the
market, how exactly does that process work? Does a Realtor purchase
the property at the estimated value negotiated from you and then put it
in the market with a higher price for their profit? I know I'm beyond
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