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Originally Posted by ChiTownCity View Post
1.) What are some other names/terms that Developers go by because usually
when I mention that I want to be an urban developer to my professor's or
the average joe none of them seem to have a clue on what I'm talking
about or think I'm trying to become an urban planner. And just googling
urban developer doesn't get me much results.
The trade is really just called development and it encompasses not just urban areas. I mean developers are also the people building tract housing in the exurbs. A lot of developers just call themselves "consultants" because they don't do full blown development with their own money. There are tons of people who just act as "consultants" to some company or person who needs someone to act as developer and manage a series of new construction projects. My current job is similar to that.

2.) What's the average age group, if you had to make a guess, that the average developer is?
Its completely random to be honest. Yes it takes a lot of money, but some get there very young. My ex girlfriends brothers bought their first house at 20 and were full blown developers (working on projects as large at 4000 acres and tall as 18 stories) by the time they were 25.

I'm just getting started on my first three flat and I'm only in my early 20's, but most people don't get into the game until they are older and have made stacks of cash doing something else in real estate.

3.) How long does the average developer's career last if you had to make a guess?
If you exclude those who fail that SLO mentioned, I've noticed that successful developers tend to keep working their entire lives. They are generally the kind of people who enjoy working and would go stir crazy if they had no work to do so they usually keep working in their company even if they "retire". My uncle is a good example of this. He's 75 and still works probably 20 hours a week at his development company that he handed off to his son 15 years ago.

4.) Do you have any good recommendations on books that discusses development?
Development is not really something you can learn in a book. Its something you have to learn from first hand experience and interacting with those who have done it themselves.

5.) On average do developers work for a company or do they create their own?
I wouldn't really call someone who works for another developer a developer. I'd say they work for a developer. However, the majority of people who become developers themselves get their start either working for another developer or in some other branch of real estate.
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