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Originally Posted by BVictor1 View Post
A bit of information...

The architects of both the south and east tower is indeed Pelli/Clarke/Pelli

The south PD allows for 950'. However, this usually means to the underside of the top floor and doesn't include fins, blades, or spires. The height to the top of the spire is still TBD. Number of floors is TBD.

The PD for the east tower allows 750', floors TBD.

Timetable for the start of Phase II is still TBD.

I know this isn't much, but it's what i have right now.

Does this mean that the current design's roof height is close to 950'? Because I thought the consensus was that it is near if not more than 1000', and that both current and past designs were definitively over 950'. I'm confused as to whether a new PD will happen, or if there is less to be certain about height-wise than we think. (does mechanical space count?)
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