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Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
I had originally left NW off, but SnyderBock indicated it should be on.

I want to be fairly strict with things being under construction, though. There are so many in planning that the list would look a lot different if it includes things that haven't broken ground yet.

So I'll remove it. Is it just the 5 miles of the NW line that needs to come off?
The 6.2 mile electrified segment to Westminster is tied to the contract for the Airport and Gold lines, so that's okay. The rest needs to come off.

East is 22.8 miles, Gold is 11.2 miles. So however you label it, 40.2 miles is fair to say are "under construction."

EDIT: Which I think is what you had to begin with, I just wasn't adding up the mileages. My bad.
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