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Originally Posted by Draftsman View Post
I always get my groceries at Cathedral Safeway, and I have not seen a reduction in their produce section. It is still the same size, and very well stocked (as is the rest of the store).
That one is still pretty new so I doubt they have changed anything since they opened to replace the old location. Southland Safeway has been around for a long time and they recently had a renovation. The produce section in that store in particular just feels tiny compared its overall size.

Originally Posted by pappcam View Post
Yeah I haven't seen any of these grocery shortages the media is on about at any of the stores I shop. Sure, sometimes they don't have something I'm trying to buy but it's always been that way.
I was talking about the size of the produce section, not the the availability of its stock. I have noticed the produce shortages at Costco recently. Are you suggesting that the media is lying about the produce shortages? Not sure our small city is a good representation of the state of the food supply. Perhaps its a sign that people can't afford to eat fresh produce in this city and instead eat at the myriad Tim Hortons and McDonalds in an effort to survive.
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