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Originally Posted by Festivus View Post
I'm not confident that dropping the mandate would actually help. Personally (and only speaking for my own circle), many vaccinated people weren't going to restaurants until the mandate, and likely would stop going if they mandate was dropped. True, it matters less with Omicron due to immune escape, but I think it would still track (the behaviour of people). What is really needed is better financial support, if anything.
This, exactly, but alas Saskatchewan is a special province and the only one to not have access to the federal government's financial supports thanks to our own provincial government's inaction.

As far as the Mercury Cafe goes, I have actually never been there so my gf and I are going to give a try this weekend and help provide them some support. I hope everyone here who has the means goes out and helps out our struggling local businesses. Consider takeout if not dining in, when available, instead of using exploitative food delivery apps.
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